Run Dotfuscator CE in Visual Studio 2012 in Building

Unfortunately my approach is not perfect in that it still opens the GUI of Dotfuscator that requires a manual clicking. It is good for me though since I only run it during building in Release mode.

Here is how I run the command during building:

Find the location of Dotfuscator CE which is included in VS2012 by going to Tools -> External Tools.

Copy the path from the Command box.

3-29-2013 2-25-27 PM

Open the property of your project and go to Build Events.

3-29-2013 2-27-17 PM

Click on Edit Post-build and enter the following

if “$(ConfigurationName)” == “Release” (“%The path copied from the Command box%” /in:”$(TargetPath)” /out:”$(TargetDir)\Dotfuscator”
copy /Y “$(TargetDir)\Dotfuscator\$(TargetFileName)” “$(TargetPath)” )

What these lines do is

1. When the project is being built in Release mode, run the Dotfuscator.

2. Output the altered DLL into a folder named Dotfuscator under your target path (Normally the bin/release folder).

3. Copy this altered DLL to the folder where regular DLL resides and overwrite it.